All about TheCarpSpot

TheCarpSpot has been built to help carp anglers plan their fishing trips to public waters of France. To that effect, it offers a number of useful tools:


thecarpspot map screenshot Our maps include all of the legal night fishing zones of continental France. Whenever you create a map, it will automatically include all of the night zones: the rivers are marked in red, canals in blue and lakes in greeen. Clicking (or taping) on any of them, will open a sidebar containing further information: name, specific regulations, opening dates etc. Your maps are kept private, but you can share them with your friends: anyone with a link to your shared map will be able to acceess it for up to 30 days (they will not be able to see the night zones though, only your markers).

Markers (pins)

The purpose of having your own private maps, is to allow you to create your own markers (pins). Clicking on a marker opens a sidebar that will allow you to change its name, add your own notes and attach photos to it. You can also open the location of the pin in google maps to check the street view or get driving directions. If you have existing maps in Google Earth or Google MyMaps, you can export them as KML files and import them in thecarpspot. You can also share them individually in the same way you can share maps.

Weather forecasts

Our maps provide a weather overlay which allows you to see animated weahter forecast for the next 4 days. You can switch between radar, rain, wind, temperature and pressure displays to see what the future holds. On top of that, we provide 14 days of weather forecasts for any of your markers.

Up to date information

As explained in the article about legalities of fishing in France, night fishing regulations change each year. Keeping track of them is a headache that thecarpspot solves. We track and monitor changes in all of the departments of France and do our best to update the maps accordingly to ensure that you do not end up in trouble fishing out of season or out of bounds.

You can find a demo of thecarpspot's basic features on our instagram page.