How can I manage my subscription?

In order to manage your subscription, navigate to your profile page and click the "Manage" button. You will be redirected to our payment provider where you can change your plan, update payment method or cancel your subscription.

How does the free trial work?

You will not be charged for the first 14 days of using the service. 7 days before we take any payment we will send you an email to remind you of it. If you decide to cancel within the trial period, you will not be charged a anything. In other words, you get to use our service for free for 2 weeks and can walk away if you decide it's not for you.

Why do you charge for information that's available on the internet for free?

We have spent 6 months compiling data from 90+ federations into a single online map. Our map contains not only locations of the night zones but also detailed information and byelaws for each of the venues (in plain English). We have partnered with provider of high quality satellite maps and weather forectasts to create a convenient, mobile friendly tool for carp anglers fishing French public waters, with the single purpose of saving them time that would be otherwise spent looking for places to fish.
We believe that thecarpspot offers value to all of those who would rather spend their time fishing, but if you prefer to do the research yourself, our federations page contains all the relevant links.

What are all those colors on the map?

All night zones are indicated in different colours depending on the type: rivers are red, canals are blue and lakes are green.

How do I find out more about a particular venue?

Just click or tap on any night zone and a popup window will display particular venue's name, opening dates, any specific regulations, links to federation's website etc.

What is the coverage of your maps?

Our maps cover the entirety of the continental France: 11,000+ km of rivers, 3,000+ km of canals and 695 lakes, gravel pits and barrages where night fishing for carp is allowed.

How do you keep your maps up to date?

We have built an automated system that monitors 300+ websites containing night fishing regulations for all departmenrs of France. Whenever a change is detected, the system raises an alert and we update our maps as required, ensuring they are always up to date.

How accurate are your maps?

A lot of time and attention went into building our maps. When building them we have referenced multiple sources including prefectoral decrees and pages of each of the federations to ensure accuracy. In cases of discrepancies betwen federation's pages and official documents issued by the departments, we have clearly indicated that in the venues' descriptions. On top of that, our maps undergo regular reviews to accomodate changes in local regulations and user's feedback.

How can I share a marker with someone?

To share a marker, simply open a map containing the marker you want to share, click or tap on the marker, and when the sidebar opens, click the share button. A dialog box will come up and you will be asked for how long you want to share it and whether the recipient of the share will be able to accesss your photos associated with the marker. Click the "create link" button and then copy the hyperlink generate hyperlink to clipboard. Then simply send the hyperlink to the person you want to share it with using whatsap, email etc. Bear in mind that anyone with the link will be able to access your marker, so share them only with people you can trust.

What if I want to share entire map?

To share a map, simply navigate to the maps page and click the share button on the map you want to share. A dialog box will come up and you will be asked for how long you want to share it and whether the recipient of the share will be able to accesss your pohotos associated with the markers on the map. Click the "create link" button and then copy the hyperlink to clipboard.

Who is behind thecarpspot.com?

Thecarpspot.com has been developed and is being operated by a UK based company: System 402 ltd. Our contact details are available on the contact page. Alternatively you can reach us through our facebook page.